This blog was written by loyal Londoner Serena who is expressing her disappointment at her very local brewery losing out in the London 2012 … With the unveiling of the finished 2012 Olympic velodrome this week, (completed ahead of time and surprisingly under budget) there appears to be a fresh burst of Olympic-mania. Despite a […]

The following article written  by Brian Tarran appeared in Research Live on Monday 7th Feb, 2011.  Client demands on research agencies are often portrayed anecdotally as unreasonable, unrealistic or excessive. So Relish Research asked ten insight managers to explain what it is they’re looking for in a supplier. ‘Good, solid research’ was a popular response.  […]

This blog was written by Claire Mitchell, just one of four of the Relish team who will marry in the next year. As we lurch further into the 21st century, it seems that there is no limit on the amount of access we can get into our favourite celebrity’s lives. The likes of Jordan and […]

This piece was written by Rich, and first appeared in Research Live in January, 2011 Glance over the shoulder of any commuter reading a self help book, and you’ll learn that the foundations of success in business and life are built in large part upon the strength of our relationships. So as well as reaching […]