This article has been written by Claire, one of the team who took part in the Thames21 Cleanup.  Sterling effort all – they may have smelt less than fragrant when they returned to the office, but they all really enjoyed their time on the riverbank on one of the Super-Low tides of the decade. When the team […]

Article published on March 11th, in Research Live. Research doesn’t have an image problem – it has a ‘lack of image’ problem, says Relish Research’s Monique Drummond. For the industry’s sake, clients and agencies need to do more to promote the contribution research makes to the creation of successful ads, products and strategies. How many […]

This blog has been written by our newest recruit, Jen Solomon who organised a very stimulating lunch for us all. Thanks Jen. As you can see from our webpage, our ethos is Fresh Thinking. However, it’s one thing writing it and another thing implementing it! So how do we inspire Fresh Thinking? Well, once a […]