Je ne regrette rien

This article appeared in ‘In Brief’, the AQR newsletter.  It was based on an interview conducted by Louella Miles. Monique Drummond, managing partner at Relish Research, on Eureka moments and the Vespa owner among the LA Hells Angel Chapter. Qualitative research as a career: serendipity or burning desire? Serendipity: I did a degree in English […]


Rugby World Cup Win

Relish has a number of rugby enthusiasts on the team, and two of us (Simon and I) are kiwis. So huge relief and deep joy that New Zealand’s All Blacks have finally won the World Cup – although the final game was a lot closer than anyone expected it to be. In recognition of this, I’ve made […]

Cute as a button and whisking us (well two of us) to meetings everywhere!  Note:  Tony who wrote this knows NOTHING about cars. The car takes 4 passengers, and has NO congestion charge and NO Road Tax. So, goodbye Streetcar, Hello Fiat 500 Twin Air.