We asked one of our new starters, Glenn (Project Assistant), to tell us about his experiences from working at Relish so far:

Glenn (portrait 1)

When looking for my first full-time job, I did not initially consider market research as I really had no idea what it was about. I had participated in a focus group years ago, but that was my only exposure to the industry. Nevertheless, when I saw the advert for the job at Relish, I was intrigued. The position offered a junior role as a Project Assistant that included tasks within all departments of the company. I was attracted to the role because of the opportunity to gain skills in, and a holistic understanding of, a previously unknown industry. Furthermore, I saw it as an opportunity to gain marketing experience from a different angle, not only being exposed to marketing and advertising techniques and campaigns, but also understanding the consumers viewpoint. It was this balance of experience that really attracted me to the role.

Admittedly, I did have some initial reservations. I was quite daunted by the prospect of entering a completely unknown industry to me, wondering if it would be for me (and I for it!), and entering into something that my degree really did not provide much frame of reference for. However, once I started at Relish, those fears quickly dissipated.

My first impressions of Relish were very positive. I researched their website before applying and it seemed vibrant and friendly. This was backed up by the ‘Fresh Thinkers’ section of the site which gives you some insight into each member of the team via the ‘I Relish’ statements. When I eventually visited the office, Relish seemed like an open and warm company. The open planned layout, the colourful chairs and the bright space creates a relaxing environment where I was able to imagine myself working.

The diversity of the role, which attracted me to the position in the first place, is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job. Working across quant, qual, field, front of house and occasionally project management presents me with a myriad of future career choices and Relish are very keen that I am exposed to each department in equal measures.

Relish do lots of little things which combine to create a feeling of togetherness and family. For example, whenever someone has something to celebrate – may that be a birthday, wedding or pregnancy – there is a small afternoon celebration with cards and a gift, regardless of how long you’ve been there. It was my birthday a month after I started and having the little celebration for myself and a colleague who shares my birthday really made me feel welcome and included into the company. There are also added bonuses the company offer as a token of their appreciation. Having the option to take two early offs / late ins (leaving 2.5 hours early or arriving into work 2.5 hours late) a month for personal errands or activities shows that the company is sympathetic towards our social lives and other unavoidable commitments.

I was surprised by my own behaviour after joining Relish: I soon realised I could not use the same level of volume in the office as I did in my social circle. Initially this was a challenge, not to lower my volume, but to show consideration and awareness on a professional level that I had never had to do previously. In the beginning it was quite tough to gauge when it was appropriate to approach people, and to set the balance between autonomy and asking people for help but once I got to know everyone in the office a bit better, this challenge was soon overcome.

Another challenge I faced at Relish was the jargon, there was a lot of it. Sitting in on meetings in the first couple of weeks, most information simply flew over my head… in response to this, however, I created the “Relish Jargon Dictionary”, and I have listed all the new terms to me and their definitions so that any future Relish members can grasp the lingo quicker than I have.

Thankfully, Relish has been full of ups for me and I am looking forward to continuing my learning. Because of the broad nature of my role I could end up in any department, but I know that whichever role I decide upon, the broad understanding of the business will stand me in good stead.

Glenn Peares