Simon reflects on a recent trip over the Easter break in Istanbul, and wonders how much we can learn from a simple Bazaar shopping experience… If knowledge is power, no wonder consumers make error ridden judgements when purchasing goods and services. One of the fascinating ideas from the Levitt & Dubner book ‘Freakonomics’ is the […]

Rebecca reflects on 2012 as she heads off on maternity leave… The quallies have finally waved goodbye to their last round of focus group attendees and polished off the remaining stale turkey and cranberry sandwiches, while the quant team have neatly placed their calculators into their desk drawers. It can only mean one thing…school’s out […]

It’s been a relatively baked-good free Autumn for Relish; my cousins wedding cake has taken priority (understandably), so the team haven’t profited from any lazy Sunday cook-offs since a tipsy request for sticky toffee muffins in July. I’ve been pleading the somewhat shaky defence that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ but patience was wearing […]

Before being hired at Relish I spent my days as most Film graduates do – trying to find work. Stubbornly refusing to succumb to a career in insurance, I divided my time between searching for jobs, rewriting cover letters and making endless nagging phone calls begging for work. I had returned home to Norwich after […]

Our Chiswick office has undergone a bit of a change lately as we’ve had a new kitchen installed and Lamb Studios (our viewing facility) has been re-decorated!! During the refurb, we endured a temporary ‘kitchenette’ at the back of the office – complete with plastic cutlery, paper plates (kind of fun?) and room-temperatures milk (not […]

It’s not exactly news as we’ve all known for ages, but two of our Account Directors – Claire Mitchell and Heike Immich are getting married before the end of this year! Claire is jetting off to Thailand with her partner, Stephen to make their vows; whilst Heike is heading back to her native Germany to wed […]

I thought I’d write a slightly different blog to hopefully start a series of contributions from the team to highlight that we do have a life outside of our professional roles. I’ve only been in the Managing Partner role here at Relish for 11 months, and by all accounts we’ve had a very successful and […]

Relish has just become a member of Welcome to Yorkshire, thanks to the advice Carol Finlayson, our newest recruit in Leeds. Carol joins as Research Manager, and specialises in qualitative research. Here’s her first post… It’s now been 18 months since Relish first headed north and the team are settling well into life in Yorkshire.   We have […]